Stedfast Youth meets Wednesday afternoons for a time of teen soulwinning and dinner, ending  with a service just for teens at 5:00 pm. There are also monthly youth activities, a summer camp, and youth conference. Stedfast youth strives to equip our young people for a lifelong journey of serving the Lord.
Our ladies ministry, H.E.A.R.T.S.(Helping Empower and Resource through Scripture), meets quarterly for times of worship, teaching, and fellowship. Women are encouraged and challenged in their relationships with God and others. Come for a time of fellowship and to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood in Christ.
Our college age young people are at “Critical Points” in their lives. This class is designed just for them to provide spiritual training as well as the fellowship and support they need. In an ever-changing world, Critical Point serves to remind our young adults that Christ changes not, and they can be bold in living for Him. This class meets on Monday evenings.
Our married couples are so important to us. The Bible reminds us how important a strong home is. This ministry meets quarterly for times of renewal and learning how to grow in our marriages. We also have a yearly couples retreat which allows couples to enjoy time “away” together, while being challenged and encouraged in their marriages.
Our world needs good, Godly men who are willing to be spiritual leaders in their homes. The home is under attack by today’s world, and men must rise up and lead by Biblical example and not waver or compromise in this God-ordained roll. Iron sharpenth iron. Come and be spiritually sharpened by your Brothers in Christ. These quarterly meetings are times where our men are challenged in this area, as well as encouraged by worship and fellowship. 
So much wisdom lies with our senior saints. This group of the church body holds so many lessons that we all can benefit from. The seniors in our church enjoy a monthly lunch out together, and go on activities throughout the year. There is also a group of women who meet weekly to visit our elderly and shut-ins.